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About Us

Wheeler Farm Friends, Inc. Board of Trustees solicits and manages funds to be used in the restoration, improvement and continuation of Wheeler Historic Farm. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the board solicits gifts, applies for grants and participates in fund raising projects. Our tax id number is 94-2402208.

Fresh Milk
Rosebud Dairy

Henry Wheeler operated the Rosebud Dairy from 1912 - 1933 at what is now known as Wheeler Historic Farm. The Wheelers had 40-60 dairy cows. In addition to dairy products, the Wheelers also sold ice produced in the ponds on the farm and stored during the summer in the large Ice House. 


Free Range Hen

Chickens are the most common farm animal seen on family homesteads, probably because they need so little space and are easy to take care of, and are available at low cost.

The Wheeler’s had Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, and Buff Orpingtons were raised for their meat while White Leghorns were the best egg layers.

cow picture.jpg

Guernsey Cows give richer milk with a higher butterfat content, they were the ones, along with Holstein (black and white) that are good milk producers. The Wheelers kept both kinds for the Rosebud Dairy.


Used for resale.

Just used for wool and meat. Today the Farm has hair sheep which slough their excess hair naturally and suffolk cross sheep that we sheer in the Spring. 

Horse Ridding School

Historically horses were a mode of transportation and helped with farm work. Today we use our horses for a Horse Camp program for kids age 8-14.

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