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Our Projects

Some of our recent projects show below:

Project 1. New Roof, Gutters and Porches on Farm House

Through grants from our Certified Local Government-State Historic Preservation Office, Utah Division of Arts and Museums, the Wheeler Foundation and the Wheeler Farm Friends, Inc. We completed major protective measures in securing the future of the Farm House. Riddled by issues from misdirected roof run off and poor drainage at the foundation level we are now happy to report that the Farm House boasts a new roof, gutters, relocated sprinklers, new porches and repointed and capped chimneys!

Project 2. Pre-School Age Playground

Thanks to a very generous grant from the Katherine W. Dumke and Ezekiel R. Dumke, Jr Foundation we were able to purchase and install a pre-school age playround. The project is currently underway just West of the Pavilion. 

Project 3. Wheeler Farm Education Center

​Working with Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation and Utah State University Extension we are raising funds to build the Wheeler Farm Education Center.


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